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Located right beside our factory premises at 69 Gresson Street, in Greymouth, Westfleet Fresh brings our fabulous product direct to the retail customer. A valuable source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 – Fresh Fish is not only a taste sensation, it is also natures super food.


The Freshest Seafood – Our Guarantee to you

Enjoy a selection of tasty inshore and deepwater species, available in a range of cuts – fillet, steaked or whole, depending on the species.

We regularly stock (depending on availability):Peppercorn Tuna steaks and Pan-Seared groper fillets

- Bluenose

- Brill

- Flounder

- Groper (Hapuku)

- Gurnard

- Monkfish (Stargazer)

- Red Cod

- Rig (Spotted Smooth hound)

- Sea Perch

- Snapper

- Sole

- Tarakihi

- Turbot

- Warehou

Please visit our products page to learn a little more about the species above.

Westfleet Fresh also stocks  a range of Sealord retail products:


- Marinated Greenshell Mussels

- Vaccum packed Mussels

- Seafood Sauces

- Sealord crumbed/fillet meals

- Sealord frozen meals

- Canned Tuna

- Tuna Snackits


Our fish can be supplied fresh, frozen or deep-frozen in the quantity and cut you desire. Inquire/place an order below:


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