About Westfleet

-The Galatea II crosses a stormy Greymouth Bar

Westfleet Seafoods, based out of the Port of Greymouth on New Zealand’s West Coast, provides some of the finest in fresh seafood products to both local and international markets.

Westfleet currently fishes around 4000 tonnes of inshore quota each year, with around 60% of its catch heading to export markets around the world.


Westfleet’s Company Structure:


Westfleet is a private company, controlled 50% by Endurance Fishing Company Limited and 50% by Sealord Group Limited.

Westfleet’s Managing Director is Craig Boote.


About Craig


After leaving school at the age of 15, Craig started his career at sea with various positions on fishing vessels based out of Greymouth.

Quickly moving from deckhand through to skipper, Craig spent 20 years at sea, forming a strong bond with the West Coast fishery that continues to develop today.

Today, Craig’s role is in management of his fishing interests, and he is proud to be Managing Director of Westfleet Seafoods Limited.

Craig brings his extensive knowledge of the West Coast’s inshore fishery onboard for Westfleet – the perfect partner for a company who’s core values are based on:


-Sustainable fishery management and;

-Bringing quality seafood products to the world


About Endurance Fishing Company Limited

Endurance Fishing Company is owned and Directed by Craig Boote.

Endurance is based in Nelson, New Zealand.



Sealord Group Limited

Sealord is an International leader in Seafood products, and New Zealand’s largest corporate Quota holder (116,000 tonnes or 19% of TACC).
With offices in several locations throughout the world, Sealord is a major industry player and brings extensive networking and marketing opportunities onboard for Westfleet.
Sealord’s unity with Endurance to form Westfleet, has resulted in an ideal union of market strength and fishery knowledge.

You can learn more about Sealord on their website.